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August 18, 2021 0 Comments

Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. So today, I wanna talk about… HOW YOUR JEANS SHOULD FIT! So, I have Michael here to help us demonstrate how your jeans should fit. Thanks for demonstrating. – Of course. –

So, let’s start with the waist and the seat. The waistband of your jeans, I hate to state the obvious, should fit around your waist. They shouldn’t need a belt to hold them up, that’s not the job of a belt. I see so many men walking around with sagging jeans… and…even my clients, I have to remind them that… with jeans…. yes, they do sit lower than a pair of suit pants. However, with that being said, your jeans should sit around mid- to upper-hip bone area. That is the proper placement of your jeans.

Moving on to the seat of your jeans, which is the butt area, make sure that the jeans lightly hug your butt. You don’t want it, though, to be too tight, where it feels like you’re gonna split your jeans if you bend or sit down, but you don’t want it to be so roomy that it looks like you’re carrying a full load in the back. If that happens, then either A: pull up your jeans higher… or B: do some squats and build up that butt area. Man butts. Do both. Moving down to your thighs, your jeans should fit comfortably around your thighs, but it shouldn’t feel like it’s restricting your movement when you’re bending down or you’re walking. Ideally, you wanna be able to pinch no less than half an inch of fabric, but no more than one inch of fabric on either side of your thighs.

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Anything less or anything more than that, then you wanna check out a different style of jean. My Essentials Dark Wash Jeans Guide covers which style of jean is right for your body type, so check that out. And lastly, how long should your jeans be? Always, always, always default to a slight or full break. Please. Anything shorter, and that’s high waters, and it’s a very very specific look. But anything longer, and you get that stacking, and it cuts your legs up, making you look shorter.

A slight or full break will always look polished and sharp. Like I said before, this video is part of my Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. Thanks so much for watching. Check out my website for a more in-depth article, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. I’ll see ya in the next one.