How Should A Sweater Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Crew Neck Vneck V-Neck Cardigan

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– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. All right. (beep) yeah. To see the other articles and videos in this series, visit this link right here, or click here. (laughter) Let’s talk about how your sweaters should fit. First, before we begin, I wanna go over what you should be wearing underneath your sweaters when you’re trying them on in order to get the proper fit.


When trying on a V-neck sweater, make sure you’re wearing a collared dress shirt underneath because you should never be wearing a V-neck sweater without a collared shirt because it looks terrible and sloppy and amateur. So that means do not wear a T-shirt, a V-neck shirt, or definitely do not be going shirtless underneath your V-neck sweater. That’s just creepy. When you’re trying on a crew neck sweater, stick with a T-shirt underneath because that’s pretty much all you’re gonna be wearing underneath your crew neck sweater.


Make sure your sweater hits all of the following points. It’s really important because if it’s knitted and/or made of wool or silk or other finer materials, like cashmere, then you cannot get it altered. It’s gonna be very difficult, if not impossible. Starting off, for a V-neck sweater specifically, you wanna make sure that the point of the V does not go past your armpits. So my armpits are here, which coincidentally, it goes in line with this line on my sweater.


You don’t want the tip of the V to go past this, so this is where the lowest point of your V should be. With the opening of your V, you want it to be just wide enough so that the shirt collar tips stay tucked in. Anything wider than that and it looks really sloppy because you could see the sides of the shirt. You don’t want that. All right, so now for all sweaters, starting off with the shoulders, you wanna make sure that the shoulder seams line up as close as possible to the end of your shoulders.

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Moving onto the sleeves, you want them to lightly hug your arms all the way down to your wrist and not dig into your armpit. If the sleeves are too tight, where literally you’re bulging out of it, it looks like your sweater just shrunk. But also, if the sleeves are too loose, then it just looks so sloppy and terrible. You always wanna make sure that whatever article of clothing you’re wearing has a nice tailored fit. Ideally, the proper sleeve length should hit at the bend of your wrist, like my sleeve is doing here. If you’re wearing a collared shirt underneath, then you want to pull up your sweater’s sleeves so that a 1/4 of an inch of your shirt sleeve is exposed.


Onto the body. You shouldn’t be able to pinch more than two inches of fabric on either side of your lower ribcage. Your sweater should fit closely to your torso no matter your shape or size. There is no excuse for a billowy sweater. It just looks sloppy. And lastly, you want the length of your sweater to hit somewhere between your lower belt buckle and two inches past your belt buckle.


Nothing more than that and nothing less. So that’s how your sweater should fit. To see all the sweaters that I think every man should own, visit this link or click here. This video is part of my Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. Check out my website for a more in-depth article and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. If you like this video, make my day a little brighter and give it a thumbs-up. All right, guys, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. (blowing) My face feels frozen. Happy! Okay.

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