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– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity men’s wear stylist. This video is part of my Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. To see more articles and videos in this series visit this link or click here.


All right, so let’s talk about how your polo shirts should fit. Let’s start with your collar and neck opening. The size of the collar isn’t something you need to be too concerned about, because it’s pretty standard across all brands. You do want to pay close attention to the buttons.


Specifically you want your buttons to end no further than the top of your armpits, anything past that and it’s too long and it will actually look like a super deep v neck when unbuttoned, not a good look. When you’re trying it on make sure to unfasten the top two buttons, regardless if it’s a two, three, or four button polo shirt.


The reason why you want to try it on this way is you want to make sure the collar and the opening lays nicely against your chest. You want to avoid where the collar and the opening just completely spreads out against your chest, that’s no good. There should be a little bit of structure, a little stiffness to the opening, like a dress shirt when you have it undone, but on the flip side of that you don’t want it so stiff that when unbuttoned it doesn’t spread out even a little bit.


Moving on to your sleeves you want your sleeves to end mid bicep and lightly hug your arm. You also don’t want there to be a bunch of slack or room in the arm opening. Now a little bit is okay, but too much it just looks like you have these puny little arms and it starts to look just cheap and not put together.

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If the polo fits perfectly everywhere else then take it to your tailor and have them slim the arms. It’s a very easy fix. Moving on to the body. Like I’ve said in all of my videos about shirting the perfect fitting polo will be when you can pinch between one to two inches of fabric on either side of your stomach.

How long should your polo shirt be? The perfect length will hit somewhere between upper to mid crotch, but I would say definitely lean more towards mid crotch, because it allows your shirt to not flash your stomach when you’re reaching up and also you can then be able to lightly tuck it in, tuck the front in to just behind your belt in case you want to break up the upper half from the bottom half.

If your polo has a tail then make sure it’s no more than two inches longer than the front of your shirt. Anything longer in the back, well you mine as well just pair it with your dad jeans then. So that’s how your polo shirts should fit. To see all the polo shirts that I think you should own for your age and body type visit this link or click right here to check them out.


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