How Should A Dress Shirt Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

August 18, 2021 0 Comments

I’m Ashley Weston, I’m a celebrity men’s wear stylist. This video is part of- sorry I said everything like a question mark almost.)This video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide. So today I wanna talk about how your dress shirt should fit.


I have Michael here to help me demonstrate how your dress shirt should fit. So let’s start with the collar. Now, hopefully you know your neck size, so grab a shirt, a dress shirt in your neck size, and put it on, button it all the way up. Now, how do you know if the collar fits properly? Well there is a test to figure that out. You should be able to comfortably fit one finger in the inside of the collar.

Now a lot of sites say you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers, however the collar is too large if two fingers fit. So I can only fit two fingers in, by choking him. So one finger comfortably fits in, this is the perfect collar fit. Moving down to his shoulders. The shoulder seam of your dress shirt should end where your shoulder starts sloping down. Anything past that, it’s too big, anything before that, the dress shirt is too tight. Moving on to arm holes.


Your arm holes should be cut high enough but it shouldn’t restrict your motion. So with this dress shirt that Michael has on, the arm holes are actually cut, you’ll see this once he puts his arm down, they’re cut a little too high for my preference. It’s digging into his underarm, which you don’t want. So we actually want an arm hole that’s a little bit lower. You wanna make sure though, that you don’t have your arm holes be so low, it’s such a big opening, that you have all of this excess fabric.

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That’s what you don’t want. Sleeves. So this is the perfect example of how your shirt sleeves should fit. It’s not too tight, where it’s hugging his arm, nor is it so loose that it billows and bunches at his wrist. So what is the perfect sleeve length? Well the perfect sleeve length is when you button the cuff, that it ends- the cuff should end right at the bend of his wrist. That is the perfect sleeve length.


Now I personally think that this shirt sleeve is actually a little too short, because you want a little bit of bunching, just a tiny bit of bunching so that when he bends his arm, it doesn’t ride up so much. Speaking of cuffs, there are two types of cuffs. There is a French cuff, and a barrel cuff. So I have Michael in a barrel cuff. Now no matter what kind of cuff you have, you wanna make sure that when buttoned, it fits comfortably around your wrist, and ends at the bend of your wrist.


So this is the perfect length. You wanna make sure that it doesn’t go past the bend of your wrist, if it does, the cuff is too large. How should the body of your dress shirt fit? Well you wanna make sure that you can pinch no more than two to three inches of fabric on either side of the body. I don’t care what your build is, if you’re skinny, or you’re a larger guy, there’s no excuse for billowy folds and tons of excess fabric. Let’s talk about dress shirt length.

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The reason why I bring this up is because I see so many guys wearing their dress shirts untucked. Dress shirts are cut, generally, longer, because they’re meant to be tucked in your pants so that they stay tucked in. So when I see these men wearing their dress shirts untucked, where the length literally hits past their crotch, it looks horrible. So you wanna make sure if you are gonna have your dress shirt untucked, it should end around mid crotch. That is the proper length for an untucked collared shirt.


However, with dress shirts, they are not meant usually to be tucked- or to be untucked. So make sure you have that tucked in at all times. Like I said before, this video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide. Thanks so much for watching. Check out my website for a more in depth article, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one. (playful piano music)