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– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity men’s wear stylist. This video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide. To see the other articles and videos in this series, check out this link here or click here. So let’s talk about how your blazer should fit. Honestly, your blazer should fit exactly like how your suit jacket fits. There should be no difference between the two in regards to fit.


But I thought it would be really fun to create this exciting new video showing you how your blazer should fit. I swear on the life of my non-existent children that this video is nothing like the video I made regarding how your suit jacket should fit. Do you think they’re seriously gonna fall for this? I’m not even wearing the same outfit. I have Michael here to help demonstrate how your blazer should fit. So let’s take a look at the blazer’s collar. Now, your collar should lie against the back of your shirt collar, which in turn should lie against your neck.


You want to make sure there’s no significant gaps in between your blazer collar and your shirt collar. Moving on to the shoulders, you want to make sure that the seem hits where your shoulder ends. There shouldn’t be any wrinkling, which sometimes very cheaply made blazers will wrinkle right here. And there shouldn’t be a divot in the shoulder, which divots usually happen when the shoulders are too tight. So make sure that the shoulders aren’t too tight or too large, because it’s gonna be pretty costly and difficult for a tailor to fix. With regards to arm holes, luckily today most blazers are made with higher arm holes. You just want to make sure though that it’s not so high that it’s cutting in to your armpits. So Michael, how does this feel? – It feels good, not too tight. –

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This is how an arm hole should look and feel. Now, a lot of the older blazers, the arm holes are cut bigger, and it actually makes you look super broad and terrible. But usually today, you don’t have that problem. But just be careful, you want higher arm holes but not so high that it cuts in to your armpits. So with your blazer sleeves, you want to make sure it’s a nice tailored fit throughout the arm.


You don’t want it to be so tight that it’s hugging your muscles, but you also don’t want it to be so loose where you really lose the shape of your arm. With regards to the perfect sleeve length, a great test that I have is bend your wrist, with your palms facing down. The blazer sleeve should end a quarter of an inch above the bend of your wrist. That way, that same amount of shirt sleeve can peek through like we have here.


You want to make sure that the blazer lightly hugs your mid section when it’s buttoned, like we have here. It shouldn’t create a nasty “X”, that’s what you don’t want. That means it’s too tight if it creates this kind of “X”. But also, if it’s loose and there’s a lot of room in the front where you could pull the button forward, no problem, because a tailor can easily take in the sides and correct that. Let’s take a look at the back because this is the second part. You always want to make sure a well fitting suit should hug the natural curve of your back. That’s how you can tell that a blazer fits nicely or poorly.

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But turning you around, Michael, your button stance, that’s also very very important. You want to make sure that the top button hits just above your belly button, right here. Nothing higher or lower because it actually starts to throw off the proportions of your body. And while you’re at it, for a two button notch lapel blazer, always always fasten the top button but never this bottom button. The length of your blazer dictates how balanced your upper body is to your lower body. If you’re 5’9″ and under, you want the length of your blazer to hit mid crotch. If you’re taller, like Michael is, you want it to end around mid to lower crotch.


sA tailor can always take up the length of the blazer by about an inch, but nothing more than that because it starts to throw off the proportions of the blazer. And a tailor can never lengthen a blazer because there’s no fabric to even let out. So that’s how your blazer should fit. I hope you enjoyed my completely new video. To see all of my favorite blazers that you should definitely own, check this link out right here, or click here. This video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide. Check out my website for a more in depth article and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. If you like this video, send five dollars to this address, or if you’re a cheapskate, then I guess you could just give me a thumbs up. All right, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. (classical music)

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